Camaro Performance Upgrades


If you are looking to replace the exhaust system on your Chevrolet Camaro, either because the older system has become inefficient due to wear and tear, or because you wish to enhance the performance of your car, you have come to the right place. Driven by Style LLC offers the widest possible range of exhaust systems for your Chevrolet Camaro at the lowest price; no matter what the make, model or color of your car is, we ensure that you get the right exhaust system replacement for it.

We offer you cat back and axle back, single and dual exhaust systems (more on these later) from leading manufacturers such as Borla, Magnaflow, ARK Performance, Agency Power, Megan Racing, Manzo, Flowmaster, MBRP, Injen, Corsa and Rev9Power. Each of these brands offer OEM quality exhaust systems for your Chevrolet Camaro and are available at attractive discounts to their MSRP.

You can choose from exhaust systems made from mild steel and stainless steel, depending on your performance requirement and budget. Each of these exhaust systems is guaranteed for fitment and quality and they are accompanied by all the necessary hardware and accessories for a smooth, trouble-free installation.

Selecting the right exhaust system for your vehicle can be cumbersome for someone who is not well-versed with the basics of these systems. Here is what an exhaust system does – in simple terms, it restricts the flowing out of incompletely burnt harmful gases resulting from the combustion process in the engine, and it also muffles the noise made by the engine. Since their primary goal is to muffle the sound of the engine exhaust, most OEM quality exhaust systems restrict the flow of gases to such an extent that it creates a backpressure on the engine, affecting its performance; the engine has to use its power to push out the gases instead of utilizing the complete power generated by it into running the car.

One way of selecting a new exhaust system is fixing your priority – whether you want to enhance performance or muffle sound. Further, exhaust systems are made from mild steel or stainless steel – the former is less expensive while the latter is longer lasting.

To understand the different types of exhaust systems for your Chevrolet Camaro on offer on our website, let us first break down the exhaust systems into their components. The first part of the exhaust system is the header, which is fixed to the cylinder in the engine and extracts the exhaust gases from the combustion.

Next come the downpipes, which connect the header to the muffler. The muffler reduces the noise in the exhaust through the use of a combination of baffles, chambers and tubes, along with sound insulation material. The muffler has to trade-off between noise reduction and engine performance – the more the noise reduction, the greater the backpressure on the engine and the lower its performance effectiveness and efficiency, and vice versa. Since Chevrolet Camaro cars adhere to strict emission norms, all models of the Chevrolet Camaro exhaust systems are fitted with a catalytic converter.

A catalytic converter facilitates chemical reactions within its boundaries in order to convert the harmful and poisonous gases generated in the engine, into relatively harmless components like carbon dioxide, nitrogen, water vapor and oxygen. Again, since Chevrolet Camaro cars run on multiple cylinders, it is desirable to have crossover pipes in their exhaust systems to balance the air flow from both ends of the engines.

Finally, comes the tailpipe, which is the most visible and identifiable part of an exhaust system, fitted at the back of the vehicle to jettison the exhaust.

Driven by Style offers Chevrolet Camaro exhaust systems in the cat-back and axle-back varieties. Cat-back exhaust systems allow for replacement of your existing exhaust systems upto the catalytic converter backwards – which means, just the tailpipe, muffler and some part of interconnecting piping need to be replaced.

This is comparatively inexpensive, simpler and more sought after. Axle-back systems, on the other hand, involve replacing the entire exhaust system, right from the header to the tailpipe; though these are more expensive, they are preferred for better engine performance, and also in cases where the entire exhaust system has to be replaced for ageing vehicles. In case of axle-back systems, since the catalytic converter is also replaced, it is advisable to go with a reputed manufacturer who already has taken the necessary regulatory approvals for the catalytic converters installed in these exhaust systems.

Single exhaust systems use a single set of assembly right from the header to the tailpipe while Dual exhaust systems use twin exit tailpipes to enhance the look of the automobile.

All the exhaust systems offered by us come equipped with the complete kit for a hassle-free installation by any neighbourhood auto body shop. We also offer individual parts of exhaust systems separately so you can select the specific set of parts which needs to be replaced, without having to go through the cost and trouble of getting the entire exhaust system replaced. Our packing and shipping is comparable to the best, preventing delays and damages to your consignment; nevertheless, in case of any transit damage, we undertake to fully replace the damaged part.

Our website offers exhaust systems for the widest possible range of Chevrolet Camaro cars – from 1975 to the latest models, all from the best brands in the business. When you choose to buy an exhaust system for your Chevrolet Camaro from us, you choose OEM quality material which is simple to order, install and maintain. We have a legacy of over 11 years of satisfied customers in this business, and our team of experts is eager to assist you in your purchase decision – please feel free to call us or write to us if you have any queries on your purchase.


Modern cars have cold air intakes placed near their engines whose primary function is to provide fresh, cooler, outside air to the engine, both in order to enhance their combustion effectiveness and to aid the radiator in cooling down the engine temperature. The 2010 Chevrolet Camaro comes with the provision for cold air intakes, and Driven by Style assists you in choosing the best cold air intakes for your Chevrolet Camaro models at an economical cost. Our website offers OEM quality cold air intakes from reputed authorized manufacturers including Injen, Volant, Rev9Power, K&N Filter, RK Sport, AEM, Mishimoto, Advanced Flow Engineering and Airaid.

The cold air intakes offered by us are guaranteed for fitment and quality and are accompanied with all the necessary hardware and accessories for a standard installation at your neighbourhood auto body shop.

Effective cold air intakes are meant to not only provide fresh air to the engine, they also have to maintain the proper recommended air/fuel ratio. This means that the cold air intakes need to take feedback from the Chevrolet Camaro’s accelerator, and provide less or more air depending on the extent to which the accelerator is throttled.

Continuous supply of the correct quantity of air improves the combustion efficiency, thereby increasing the torque and horsepower of the engine and enhancing its performance and fuel efficiency, apart from reducing harmful exhaust gases.

A complete cold air intake system comprises of the required interconnecting piping, the air filter to prevent dirt from entering into the engine along with the air, the mass flow sensor to measure and control flow of the air, and the throttle body, which is connected to the car’s accelerator and controls the flow of air depending on the extent to which the accelerator is pressed. Some mass flow sensors are designed to control the temperature of the in-coming air as well.

Cold air intakes for Chevrolet Camaro cars offered by Driven by Style on our website enhance the power, torque, horsepower and effectiveness of your car engine by leaps and bounds. Some cold air intakes may not be allowed in certain states due to their emission norms – please check up on your state’s legal status for specific cold air intakes before buying them; our team can also assist you in this, please do call us and we will be more than happy to help. We have been in the business of providing OEM quality authorized spare parts for Chevrolet Camaro cars since 2009, and our legacy is driven by a host of satisfied customers.

When you buy your cold air intakes from us, you are assured of a quality product, with complete manufacturer warranty and safe shipping. In case of defective or damaged product, you can also opt for a complete replacement of the same. We provide free shipping for this item anywhere in continental US.


We at Driven by Style LLC pride ourselves on a legacy of over a decade of customer satisfaction, offering our online customers the best OEM quality spares for their Chevrolet Camaro cars. When you buy from us, your satisfaction is guaranteed. Our team of experts are ever-willing to guide you through the entire process of choosing the right spares, ordering them, getting them shipped to your location and installing them; we provide all the required hardware and accessories needed for a standard installation; our shipments are insured against any damage; our products are guaranteed for fitment and quality. If you are thinking of getting customized brake pads for your Chevrolet Camaro, you have come to the right place!

Brake pads are a critical safety component of cars – they make all the difference between timely stopping your car and an unfortunate accident. We offer a range of high quality brake pads with increased stopping power and a longer pad life, even at higher temperatures caused by the friction during braking. We only offer you brake pads from quality OEM-approved manufacturers such as Hawk Performance and Stop Tech. You can opt to replace either the complete set of brake pads, or you can choose just the brake pads for the rear wheels.

The first step to buying the correct brake pad is to ensure that friction material is attached properly to the metal backing plate on the wheel. We offer brake pads made from performance ceramics and para-aramid composites, which provide better adhesion to the rotor wheels and also reduce their wear and tear.

Brake pads come in organic, semi-metallic, metallic or ceramic material. Organic materials are the conventional ones which are the least expensive, but come handy only for regular daily driving – these face the risk of failure under adverse conditions such as a braking during a downhill drive, during rains, on wet roads, or when your car is pulling a heavy load. Semi-metallic brake pads enhance the braking capacity but results in wear-out of the rotors or drums – same is the case with metallic brake pads.

Ceramics are the latest in brake pad technology available for your Chevrolet Camaro and offer the longest life and highest braking effectiveness, even under the most stressful operating conditions. The premium which these brake pads command is well worth their superior performance.

Whenever you decide to replace the brake pads for your Chevrolet Camaro, do visit us for the best replacement, expert guidance and lowest costs. We offer you substantial savings on the MSRP for the entire range of brake pads available with us. We assure you full satisfaction or your money back!


The exhaust system of your Chevrolet Camaro plays an important role in muffling the noise of the car, improving the engine’s performance and torque output, and limiting the emission of harmful gases from the internal combustion in the engine. The main part of the exhaust systems are the headers which are fixed to the cylinder in the engine and extract the exhaust gases from the combustion. These gases are then passed on to the muffler and catalytic converter, and finally emitted from the tailpipe.

Driven by Style offers replacement exhaust systems for your Chevrolet Camaro cars. Further, we also offer OEM quality stainless steel headers for your exhaust systems as stand-alone parts, in order to replace your existing Chevrolet Camaro header.

Most car manufacturers limit the engine performance by focusing primarily on controlling the flow of exhaust gases. This creates backpressure on the engine, thus undermining its performance – instead of fully utilizing the power generated by it to run the car, the engine has to use a part of this power to expel the gases produced during combustion. The right header, when connected to the engine, takes away part of this load of backpressure, and helps optimize the engine performance by ensuring a smooth outflow of the exhaust gases.

We offer the best in class, better than OEM quality exhaust headers from Borla, Manzo and Kooks Headers. Our headers are guaranteed for a trouble-free performance during their lifetime. Since exhaust systems and their headers are model-specific, you can either select the header offered on our website based on the model of your Chevrolet Camaro mentioned with it, or you can call us and we will be happy to help you select the exact header for your specific model of Chevrolet Camaro. Either way, you can be assured of the quality, price, fitment, guarantee and service of the products you buy from us.


At Driven by Style LLC, we offer OEM quality clutch kits manufactured under license from GM for your Chevrolet Camaro cars. The clutch kits offered by us are twin disc models made by Fidanza and Spec. The clutch kits offered on our website are accompanied with all the necessary accessories required for a standard installation. They include the pressure plate, discs and flywheel and can be retro-fitted by any standard auto body shop. These clutch kits are designed to enhance the driving performance of your Chevrolet Camaro and are suited for all types of driving from normal everyday street driving to racing and rallies.

The clutch is the most vital link between the driving force of the car (the engine) and the driven section (the wheels), since it transmits the power from the engine to the wheel-shaft. The engine’s ability to transfer its power to the wheels, and thereby its efficiency, is reduced when the clutch kit wears out. Moreover, the standard issue OEM clutch kit which comes with the Chevrolet Camaro car is best suited for daily driving – for heavy duty performance such as racing or rallies, you can opt for special customized clutch kits available through our website. The clutch kits offered by us are made from stainless steel for a longer performance life.

Here is a short segment to show why selecting the right clutch kit depends on the duty conditions of the automobile. The simplest, most economical are the conventional organic clutch kits, which are best suited for daily normal city driving conditions. These clutch kits are made from organic facings such as resins and rubbers interlaced on metal fiber. Next come the performance clutch kits which use materials whose performance is not affected even at high temperatures. Also, they are designed to prevent slippage through the use of higher clamping force and specialized puck design.

Finally come the high performance specialized clutch kits with twin plate/disc, triple plate/disc and multi-plate/disc designs, progressively increasing in performance and cost. These use more than one clamping plates or discs (the number of clamping plates is as per their nomenclature). Since these provide more surface contact area between the clutch and the engine for the same clutch kit size, they are able to transfer more torque without needing as much pedal pressure.

At present, we offer twin plate clutch kits on our website, which are best trade-off between performance and cost, thereby offering you the best value for money. Our twin plates are strapped to minimize noise and friction between them, thus giving you smooth, quiet, maintenance-free operation. The plates are constructed in a variety of high performance metallic alloys.

You can always ask our team of experts to guide you through the materials of construction of the different products available on our website, and to help you choose the best fit for your Chevrolet Camaro. We will be happy to help – satisfied customers over a decade will vouch for this!