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Looking to make your 5th or 6th generation Camaro stand out from the rest? For instance we specialize in Camaro body kit upgrades including front bumpers, side skirts, rear bumpers, diffusers and more. Additionally we also feature Camaro carbon fiber hoods as well as fiberglass hoods that can be painted to match the vehicle. As a result our wide selection of Camaro body kits and styling products gives you many options. Finally the team at Driven By Style has more than 10 years experience with 5th Gen and 6th Gen Camaro body kits and is standing by to answer any questions you may have. In other words we are your one stop shop for customizing your Camaro.

Body Kits

In search of a new body kit for your 2010-2022 Camaro? Look no further as we have many options to choose from. For instance we offer add on lip kits, complete bumper replacement body kits as well as wide body kits. Additionally we offer mix and match components so you can create your own custom body kit.

Carbon Fiber Hoods

A great way to add style and performance is to replace the heavy stock hood with a light weight carbon fiber hood. Many of our hoods are available with functional vents that aid in cooling as well as weight reduction. As a result not only will your Camaro look better it will run cooler as well.

Fiberglass Hoods

For those customers that prefer a monochromatic look we offer fiberglass hoods. As a result these hoods can be color matched at your local body shop to give your Camaro a unique look that still looks as if it were a factory option.

Front Bumpers

For the customer that wants to start with just a basic bumper upgrade we offer a wide selection to shop from. Additionally our selections include polypropylene bumpers which feature OEM like construction, fitment and flexibility. We also offer fiberglass front bumpers as well as polyurethane options.

Rear Bumper Lips

The Camaro stock rear bumper looks great when fitted with one of our add on rear bumper lips. These add on’s are a cheaper alternative to a full bumper replacement yet feature big styling improvement. As a result you can give your Camaro a fresh new look without breaking your budget.

Side Skirts

Check out our selection of 2010-2022 Camaro side skirts. Many selections to choose from in a variety of materials including carbon fiber, fiberglass and polyurethene. As a result your Camaro will look lower, sleeker and faster when standing still.


Looking for a great first upgrade to start with? Check out these Camaro spoilers. These are available in carbon fiber as well as fiberglass that can be painted to match your vehicle.

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