Camaro Exterior Accessories

Camaro Exterior Accessories


Driven by Style LLC offers the widest range of front grilles for your Chevrolet Camaro at the lowest price. No matter what the make, model or color of your car, we ensure that you get the right front grille replacement for it. We offer front grilles from leading manufacturers such as T-Rex Grilles, RK Sport, Wings West, APS and Ikon. Each of these brands offers OEM quality front grilles for your Chevrolet Camaro. And they are available at attractive discounts through our online platform.

You can choose from front grilles made from aluminum, chrome, stainless steel, contoured laser billets, mesh, polypropylene, polyurethane or other materials. Your choice of material depends on your taste, style and budget. Each of these front grilles is guaranteed for fitment and quality. They are accompanied by all the necessary hardware and accessories for a smooth, trouble-free installation.

Why replacement Front Grilles

The front grille is almost the first thing which strikes a person when a car approaches. Not only does it define the car’s look, it also provides crucial protection to the engine of the car. Both from the elements, as well as in case of an unfortunate accident.

So, whether you are simply looking for a replacement or wish to customize your Chevrolet Camaro, you get the best front grille options from Driven by Style. Stainless steel grilles are stronger and resistant to damage or breaking. On the other hand, chrome and aluminum grilles give a shiny, sleek look to the exterior appearance. And you get the best of both worlds if you select a stainless steel grille with a faux chrome finish. Front grilles made of plastic are more malleable and can be designed to provide a unique look. Modern plastics are immune to elemental damage and long-lasting.

Apart from aesthetics, front grilles serve an important role in the smooth functioning of your car. The car engine has an opening in the front which allows free flow of air into the engine. This prevents the engine from over-heating. A well-designed front grille allows free movement of air. It also protects the internal parts of the engine from road debris, water or other waste. The front grille is also the first line of defense to the engine parts in case of an accident or frontal impact.

In conclusion, a car grille offers protection, airflow to the radiator and a distinctive look to the car. In case of customization, you can select either slim grilles or the larger models which cover most of the front part of the vehicle. Each style imparts its own uniqueness to the look of the car.

The Driven By Style Advantage

While some of our front grilles come with a kit for self-installation, others need to be installed by a technician. However, even in the latter case, we ensure that the parts and accessories provided by us can be installed by any auto body shop without the need for the services of a specialist. We also offer front grilles for Chevrolet Camaro cars with in-built LED front lights as an integral part.

Whichever be the make and model of front grille which you select for your Chevrolet Camaro, rest assured that we guarantee your satisfaction. We take care of you right from the purchase to the packing and shipping to installation and the service lifetime of the product.

Our website offers front grilles for the widest possible range of Chevrolet Camaro cars – from 1974 to the latest models; all from the best brands in the business. Our packaging ensures there is minimal chance of any damages during transit. In the rare event of any damaged or defective piece, we also offer replacement of the affected parts. When you choose to buy a front grille from us, you choose OEM quality material, easy to order, install and maintain – in short, you buy peace of mind & quality assurance.


Your 2010 Chevrolet Camaro car comes with a signature emblem. The emblem offers it an exclusivity and distinctiveness all its own. These emblems are prominently placed on the front grille and rear bumper of the vehicles. Every car manufacturer worth its name prides itself on the uniqueness which its emblem lends to their car. There are times when you may need to replace the emblem which came along with your car. This is either because you have gone for customization of the front grille or rear bumper, or in case of an accident. Or simply because you have decided to replace the body part to impart a newer look to your vehicle. Driven by Style offers OEM quality emblems which can be attached to your car for all such instances.

The Price and Quality advantage of Driven By Style

We offer emblems for 2010 Chevrolet Camaro from reputed manufacturers like T-Rex Grilles and Kirban Performance at the best discounted prices. The manufacturers produce these emblems under license from GM certifying their originality and quality. The emblems offered by us include the logo of Chevrolet and the logos on the engine covers indicating the car model – RS or SS. We offer emblems in black, red and chrome colors. The emblems come equipped with all the required nuts, bolts, fittings and accessories for a simple installation at home.

So, whichever your Chevrolet Camaro model, we have the right logo to be attached to your car. Our packaging and shipping procedures are at par with the best, ensuring that you receive your order without any transit damage. We offer replacement for damaged or defective items, thus guaranteeing complete satisfaction to our customers. To add to this, our Emblems are of guaranteed fitment quality.


An air scoop is primarily used to allow ambient air to flow directly into the engine hood. This aids the radiator in cooling the engine especially at high speeds. Depending on the model of the car and the placement of the air scoop, the models offered by us for your Chevrolet Camaro car have to be combined either with a front lip spoiler or with the wide body kit for installation. Driven by Style offers air scoops from reputed brands such as RK Sport, Duraflex and Carbon Creations.

You can select an air scoop matching the existing front lip spoiler or grille. Or you can opt for a replacement of the complete set to impart a new look to the front of your car. Since modern internal combustion engines work on the principle of power through igniting the fuel, the running of the car engine requires a continuous flow of fresh air. This fresh air provides oxygen for the combustion and cool air to help the radiator cool down the system and prevent a burn-out. And that’s where the right choice of an air scoop or hood scoop becomes critical.

For them to be effective and functional without the risk of failure and damage, air scoops have to be placed at the correct juncture on the hood. For effectiveness, the air scoop should be placed near the high-pressure zones, above the boundary layers of the hood. This allows them to stay unaffected by the slow-moving air which clings to the lower levels of the hood. Further, it also minimizes the risk of damage to the air scoop from the stones and debris which get thrown up during the running of the car.

Air Scoops on the drivenbystyle platform

To select the correct size, model and design of air scoops, you can browse through our website. Or call us. Our team of experts will guide you through the selection, purchase, shipping and installation of the right air scoop for your Chevrolet Camaro car. We offer air scoops made of the most modern plastics and fiber reinforced plastics for better aerodynamic stability and heat and wind resistance.

Our OEM quality comes with guaranteed fitment and quality. Minor sanding, body work, painting or fine tuning may be required prior to installation. These can be done at any auto body shop without the need for specialist labor.


We offer OEM quality fuel doors manufactured under license from GM for your Chevrolet Camaro models from 2010-2013. These fuel doors are manufactured in black, chrome and brushed finishes by T-Rex Grilles. T-Rex Grilles is a market leader in cutting edge car spare parts development with a legacy of 20 years. The replacement fuel doors for your Chevrolet Camaro cars are designed with advanced CAD supported engineering and design, ensuring a perfect fit for your existing fuel inlet.

All models on offer on our website come with a minimum saving of 17% on the MSRP. The fuel doors on our website are accompanied with all the necessary accessories required for a standard installation. They include the lock-and-set of double keys standard arrangement which is similar to the OEM part.

The selection of the right fuel door is critical from the security point of view. It prevents theft of fuel from the car. Further, from the functional efficiency angle too, the right fitting fuel door prevents leakage of fuel vapors from the fuel tank. This improves fuel efficiency and also controls hydrocarbon emissions. On the other hand, a defective fuel door can result in evaporation of upto 114 liters of gasoline into the atmosphere in a year. This is just to give you a perspective of the benefit of selecting the right fuel door. Moreover, the correct fuel door also prevents leakage of fuel from the tank filler neck during an accident, side scrape or rollover of the car, thereby imparting crucial safety to the occupants.

When you buy your fuel doors from Driven By Style…

We have been in the business of providing OEM quality authorized spare parts for Chevrolet Camaro cars since 2009. And our legacy is driven by a host of satisfied customers. Our team of experts can guide you through the entire process of selection, purchase, shipping and installing the fuel doors for your Chevrolet Camaro. Our fuel doors come equipped with standard manufacturer warranty. We provide assurance of return/replacement in case of damaged/defective parts. Our shipping policy also covers you with damage insurance during transit.


Spruce up your Chevrolet Camaro with customized trim garnishes offered by renowned manufacturers available through our website. Along with OEM quality and a range of materials, we also offer substantial savings on the MSRP of these trims. We offer trims for cars of all colors in chrome, carbon fiber and fiber reinforced plastics.

For a new look to your Chevrolet Camaro, select the trim garnish for either the side panels or the windows. Or for both! All trim garnishes offered on our website come with guaranteed fitment and quality for the selected car model. And are accompanied by all standard accessories for a hassle-free standard installation, which can be carried out with ease at your neighborhood auto body mechanic shop.

Apart from enhancing the aesthetics of your Chevrolet Camaro, trim garnishes impart structural and aerodynamic stability. They also form the first line of defense in case of side scrapes, preventing damage to the main body part of the car. The chrome offerings on our website are characterized by shining, attractive looks. And the plastic ones are molded to perfection and built with high quality weather resistant technology to impart a long life. Plastic trim garnishes come in neutral colors which may be installed as they are. They can also be sanded and painted to provide the perfect match to the existing color of your car.

We pride on giving the right guidance to prospective customers. So for any queries on the right trim garnish for your Chevrolet Camaro, please feel free to call us. Our team of experts can guide you through the selection, purchase, shipping and installing process. The trim garnishes on offer come equipped with standard manufacturer warranty. You get an assurance of return/replacement if not satisfied. We also cover transit damage insurance in our shipping policy.

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