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Camaro Fiberglass Hoods – Vented Hoods

2010-2020 Chevrolet Camaro Fiberglass Hood Catalog

Are you looking to upgrade the hood of your 2010-2020 Camaro to something more aggressive? For instance we offer a vast selection of Camaro fiberglass hoods in vented styles that improve air flow. As a result the cooling efficiency is improved and weight reduction further aids in performance. Secondly all our fiberglass hoods feature OEM style hardware for bolt on installation. Finally we offer top name brands with quality you can depend on when upgrading your Camaro. In conclusion we aim to provide you with the best service and most affordable price on Camaro fiberglass hood upgrades.

How do Camaro fiberglass hoods install?

For instance these fiberglass hoods are all designed for bolt on installation. As a result each fiberglass hood is fitted with hardware to bolt the hood to the OEM hinge points and has an OEM compatible latch in the front. Fiberglass hoods are much lighter than stock so often you will need to use lighter weight rated hood lifter struts if you chose to use lifters. Additionally it is advised to use hood pins in addition to the stock latch as a fail safe in the event the latch ever failed. In other words better safe than sorry.

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