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Camaro Lighting Upgrades

Camaro Lighting Upgrades

Chevrolet Camaro Headlights : 5G Camaro

Driven by Style LLC offers the perfect fitting pair of headlights for your Chevrolet Camaro. We offer better than OEM quality headlights manufactured by the renowned Ikonmotorsports. We offer headlights in black and shiny chrome colors to suit your taste.

The design and look of the headlights imparts a distinctive look to your car during the day. And they provide functional lighting for a smooth road ride during the night. Not only do headlights define the look of the car, they also provide an element of security for night-driving or when driving through rain or sleet. Whether you are looking for a replacement or wish to customize your Chevrolet Camaro, Driven by Style offers you the best headlights for your car.

Fitment and wattage are the primary considerations when opting for a replacement headlight. We thoroughly test the CCFL halogen projector bulbs on our headlights for fitment and wattage compatibility with your existing car. The headlight kit comes with all the necessary accessories for a standard installation. The headlights can be installed at any auto body shop. You do not need any additional relay in your existing circuit to install these headlights.

The light color in headlights is measured in terms of color temperature on a Kelvin scale. For best results, we suggest that you optimize between cost, aesthetics and functionality. For this, headlight bulbs in the Kelvin scale of 3500-4000 emit the most balanced warm white to natural white light. This level of lighting is best suited for cars.

The Driven By Style Advantage

Since headlight bulbs need to be replaced every few years, we offer headlights in designs that are easy and hassle-free to open for replacing the bulb. CCFL bulbs are the manufacturer standard. Hence, we too offer CCFL bulbs as a standard fitment with our headlights. However, our headlights can also be retrofitted with the latest LED bulbs.

Moreover, when you buy your headlights from us, we guarantee product satisfaction, an easy installation and substantial savings on the MSRP. When you choose to buy headlights from us, rest assured that we guarantee you complete satisfaction. You get the perfect fitment and quality with our headlights. We take care right from the purchase to the packing and shipping to installation and the service lifetime of the product. The headlights kits come with all the necessary hardware and accessories for a smooth, trouble-free installation. As an added cost benefit, we offer free shipping anywhere in continental US. Our packing ensures minimal chances of any transit damage. In the rare event of any damage or defect, we also offer to replace the affected parts. When you choose to buy a pair of headlights for your Chevrolet Camaro car from us, you choose OEM quality material which is simple and economical to order and install.

Chevrolet Camaro Tail Lights : 5G Camaro

Tail-lights are among the major safety and accident-prevention apparatus on your Chevrolet Camaro. Whenever you apply brakes, whether at night or during day-time driving, the tail-light comes on, and indicates this to the vehicle behind yours, thereby warning it to slow down to prevent an unfortunate collision.

The bulbs in tail lights are mostly halogen, xenon or LED. Halogen tail lights are the standard OEM issue in most vehicles. However, the tungsten-halogen filaments have a short lifespan. In normal night-time city driving, these lights need to be replaced in about 2 years. Xenon gas is the latest which is being used for automobile lighting. But it may be just too bright for tail-lights. It can temporarily blind the following car’s driver, leading to just the kind of accident which tail lights are meant to prevent. Their cost is another drawback. Given these constraints, LED tail lights seem to be just right for your Chevrolet Camaro. LED has better visibility than halogen, while not being as bright or irritating to the eye as xenon. Further, they are more energy efficient and easier to install.

The Driven By Style Advantage

Driven by Style LLC offers custom OEM quality tail lights from reputed manufacturers like Kirban, BK, SM and Spyder Auto for your Chevrolet Camaro. Each of these tail light kits contains an identical pair of lights, connectors and wiring for a seamless installation on both sides of the car. The circuitry in these tail lights conforms to OEM specifications for light intensity. And their unique designs, shapes and sizes customize the look to enhance the overall appearance of your Chevrolet Camaro.

The tail lights on offer through our online portal are plug and play. Any car mechanic can install them. Wire splicing or body-part cutting is not needed to install these tail-lights in your Chevrolet Camaro.

For the best selection of tail lights, you can also call us. Our experts will be happy to help you choose the best tail lights for your car, given your taste, budget and level of customization. When you buy your tail-lights from us, we assure you complete satisfaction at the lowest possible cost. We offer attractive discounts on the MSRP on all our tail lights. We look forward to being of assistance to you for your Chevrolet Camaro tail lights requirements.